To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries. ~Aldous Huxley
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Dan & Shyla Dan and I are both travellers. It is our calling, our passion. It is in our blood. We love experiencing different cultures, seeing amazing landscapes, tasting exotic foods, visiting famous sites and participating in adventurous activities. We especially enjoy meeting people with different ideas, religions and life backgrounds. As such we left the United States in Spring 2001 -- first to live in Scotland and then to travel the world.

When we decided to travel round-the-world we thought our trip would last one year. But after the first year we simply kept going. Five years on, we have been to 52 countries (plus another 11 that we visited before "the official trip"). We have also lived on four continents -- North America, Europe, Oceania, and now Asia. Our current residence is in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

You can call us modern day explorers, nomads, drifters, world citizens, adventurers, wanderers, or as we like to say world travellers extraordinaire!


Dan in Vietnam Native of Michigan. After uni, moved to New York City for 8 years, Portland Oregon for 8 years, Edinburgh Scotland for 5 years. I used to worked as an IT computer consultant in the US, Canada, and Scotland.

I met my lovely wife Shyla in Portland, and we married in her home town of Lake Forest Park in the suburbs of Seattle in Nov 2000.

In August 2005, we quit our jobs and started on a world class adventure which has now taken us to 60+ countries. I'm now a world traveler extraordinaire. We have been traveling the world for over 5 years. We've been round-the-world more than 3 times. Actually, kilometer distance-wise, we've traveled 7 times round-the-world, but more up and down and around then directly around.

We both have an affinity for adventure and learning about the many unique cultures on our planet. Our planet is so unique, precious, lovely, and amazing. For us, we want to see it, taste it, touch it, and embrace it.


Shyla in Punjabi Suit Shyla is originally from Lake Forest Park, Washington (a small subburb north of Seattle). She was the youngest of three children and was blessed to grow up in a loving home. As a child she played several sports, her favourite being soccer. As a teen she was a member of Rainbow - a charity organisation for girls. Shyla's family (which now includes nephews & nieces) still lives in Lake Forest Park and this will always be her true home.

Shyla graduated from the University of Washington with a business degree in 1993. She worked 12 years in the Human Resources field for companies in Seattle and Portland, OR. In Portland, Shyla met Dan through a friend from her adult soccer team. It was "love at first site", and after just two years they were married.

For years, Shyla dreamt of living abroad. This came true when she and Dan moved to Scotland. There she became active in two charity groups Ladies Circle and the American Women's Club of Central Scotland. Shyla also returned to school attending Edinburgh Napier University. There she earned a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis on entrepreneurialship.

Shyla has always been a traveller at heart. Her first solo trip was when she was only 14 and went to Juneau Alaska to see a pen-pal. Boy were her parents surprised when she announced she had raised enough money for airfare and wanted to go. Shyla's parents may have been worried about her, but they did not stop her.

This held true when Shyla was 20 and informed her family she was taking time off from University to backpack around Australia. In fact, Shyla's mom bought her a backpack for the trip that Shyla used for the next 18-years! Also in her 20s, Shyla went to Japan to visit her cousin and a high-school friend. Plus she did a "10-countries-in-14-days" tour of Europe with her sister. During that trip she met her fabulous Dutch relatives for the first time.

For years, Shyla talked about "chucking it all in" and backpacking around-the-world. The timing never seemed right... but then sometimes you just have to follow your dreams and do what feels good. So when, on a rainy New Years Day, Shyla suggested to Dan that they leave Scotland and travel around-the-world she was thrilled that Dan agreed. Six months later they were off... where or when they stop is anyone's guess!


Dan & Shyla in Australia Dan and Shyla met in October 1998 at a friend's party. They were introduced by Andy, who thought Shyla would find it funny that Dan has two different coloured eyes. Instead Shyla looked into Dan's eyes and fell in love!

They dated for just over a year, when Dan propossed Thanksgiving Day 1999. Shyla quickly said yes and the engagement was announced to the family during the Thanksgiving prayer. Dan and Shyla got married one year later -- Thanksgiving weekend 2000.

They thought their anniversary would always fall on a four-day weekend. But a few months after being married they left the States and in ten years of marriage have only spent one wedding anniversary in the U.S.A. - and that was in Hawaii. Their other anniversaries were celebrated in Ireland, Scotland (twice), England, Kenya, The Netherlands, Australia, & Peru. You can call it a worldly kind of love!

Where are we?

Living on Main Street in Vacouver, WA (USA.) Here we are building our business as WILD SPIRIT TRAVEL.

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