Is just to love and be loved in return. ~ Eden Ahbez (1948)
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Service Groups we affiliate with

Dan joined Round Table shortly after we moved to Edinburgh. It is a social-charity club for men between the ages of 18 and 45. Dan was Chairman in 2004 for City of Edinburgh Table, and in 2005 was International Relations Officer for Area 39 (South-East Scotland). We have hosted many Tablers from around the world as they passed through Edinburgh. We now look forward to meeting Tablers as we journey around the globe.

We have also hosted many Circlers from other countries. Circlers are members of Ladies Circle, the female equivalent of Table. Shyla joined City of Edinburgh Ladies Circle just days after moving to Scotland. She has served as Chairperson for City as well as for Area 41 (South-East Scotland). And since she left Scotland, she has served as International Relations Officer for City of Edinburgh. We also look forward to meeting Circlers as we travel.

SERVAS began in Denmark in 1948 with the intention of building world peace by encouraging people to meet people from different countries. Today the group is international with over 20,000 hosts in 125 countries. "SERVAS promotes world peace through individual meetings between people of an ever-growing number of societies, races, cultures and backgrounds." As members of SERVAS, Dan and Shyla look forward to meeting people from around the world and truly learning about the lifestyles of people in the countries they visit.

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