All the world's indeed a stage, And we are merely players, Performers and portrayers, Each another's audience, Outside the gilded cage. --Rush (Limelight 1981)
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Web links for: Techie sites used to build

When you click on a web link, it will open in a new page.

Monitis web monitoring - free! at  
   You can subscribe to this free service and they monitor your website 24x7 - and if there's a problem - they'll email you. Great!

PHP Nuke at  
   PHP Nuke is the source that this website runs on, and this is the main site.

PHP Nuke at  
   Great security scripts for Php Nuke

The photo gallery used at at  
   A great resource on adding "Gallery" to your website. We use version 1.56, as the newer one runs MUCH slower on my server. - DNS host provider at  
   Wierd name, but they host my webname registrations.

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Where are we?

Living on Main Street in Vacouver, WA (USA.) Here we are building our business as WILD SPIRIT TRAVEL.

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