You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. ~Desiderata
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Welcome to the Eskobare Website

Dan & Shyla in Chiang MaiHello, you have reached the website of Dan and Shyla, collectively known as the EskoBares. We are regular people who quit our day jobs, sold our house, and became WORLD TRAVELLERS EXTRAORDINAIRE.

We spent seven years flashpacking round-the-world to 70 countries on the most amazing awesome trip imaginable. We�ve crossed the Sahara desert by camel, slept in Gers in Mongolia, touched the Taj, ate more weird food than fits on this page, and are still in absolute awe of this incredible world we share.

Our spectacular trips are still documented in the left menu options. And Shyla has ton's of photos in the 'photo gallery', including current one's as we are living in Vancouver, Washington (near Portland Oregon).

Happy Travelling -- Dan & Shyla

Happy 2014 from Dan & Shyla

January 2014

As 2013 comes to an end, I find myself reflecting on the year. At the end of last year, Dan & I returned to the States after nearly 12-years abroad. We moved to Vancouver Washington (a suburb of Portland Oregon even if in a different State) since this was the last place we lived before moving abroad. My feelings on moving "home" were mixed. Sometimes it felt good to be back, sometimes I felt great loss at no longer travelling, and often I felt dizzy with culture shock. But with time, I learned to appreciate the new life Dan & I were creating. We have made a world of fun and laughter right here in Vancouver.

Our "new life" has included: rekindling friendships and building new ones; joining the Lake Oswego New Thought Center for Spiritual Living; and returning to an active & healthy lifestyle. We now enjoy vegan food, exercising at a gym, taking beautiful walks and bike rides on the Columbia River, plus doing yoga – a new found love of mine. We have also been working on developing our Flashpacker business and settling on a business plan.

Highlights of our year include:

  • Spending February in Rosarito Mexico with Dan's sister, Debbie, and her partner, Marc.

  • Petting gray whales in Guerrero Negro.

  • Going to the Governor's Ball with my mom, "Doing the Puyallup" with my Ma & Pa, several lovely dinners with my brother's family, touring the MOHAI museum with my sister and her son, and welcoming in a new foster-nephew, Mavreck.

  • Dan going to Michigan to see family and celebrating the high school graduation of his niece. Way to go Taylor!

  • Moving to a town home on Main Street. We can now walk to coffee houses, restaurants, pubs, parks, antique stores, consignment shops, boutiques, the library... pretty much anything we could want we can walk or bike to (thanks to Dana who gave me a bike.)

  • Camping on San Juan Island with friends – nine adults and seven boys makes for a very lively and fun week.

  • Starting a Spiritual Circle discussion group that has given us insights and new Vancouver friends.

  • Enjoying ladies lunches and girls-night-outs with my Seattle besties.

  • Playing farkle (a dice game) with my parents on their several visits. Skipping rocks with my nephew & sister when they came to town. And boat shopping with Dan's sister & Marc when they were here (included Dan going to the Seattle boat show with them – fun.)

  • Celebrating 15-years together by re-enacting our first date and hiking Angel's Rest.

  • House-sitting November in San Diego, which enabled us to visit friends there and in Rosarito Mexico. And driving home via Hwy 1 thru Big Sur– beautiful!

All in all, it has been a good year for us, and we hope for you too. We wish for all our friends and family a wonderful New Year. May 2014 bring peace, joy and laughter.

Blessing to All from Shyla and Dan

2010 - our year in Thailand

Dan & Shyla in Chiang MaiAfter travelling for five+ years, we decided to live in Thailand for a year. Thailand is a tantalizing country filled with tropical beauty, shimmering wats, saffron-robed monks, chilli-filled curries, endangered elephants and thriving markets. We visited this alluring country as part of our round-the-world trip back in 2008. When we were contemplating a place in which to "settle down" for a year, we could think of no where better since Thailand is intoxicating, vibrant, dynamic, affordable, beautiful and, as we have said, tantalizing!

This websites shares are adventures while living in Chiang Mai. We hope you find the stories and photos enlightening and entertaining. There are many different ways to live in the world and although we miss some of the comforts of the USA, we love learning how other cultures live, thrive and prosper.

If you would like to know more about our backgrounds then click on the "about us" link on the left. And if you would like to see our round-the-world travel itineraries, read a few stories or see some photos of our adventures during the last five years then there are also links on the left for each year under "previous adventures."

If you are a fellow traveller, don't miss the "our reviews" section. There we have listed restaurants, accommodation and tour agents from round-the-world. So you can find out where the best Mexican restaurant in Malaysia is. Or the names of our favourite world-wide backpackers (one is in Costa Rica and one in Chile.) There is also a posting for a day-tour in New Zealand that involves rappelling, rafting in a cave, & rock climbing - fantastic. And, of course we will post all of the hidden gems we find through living in Chiang Mai!

Dan & Shyla in Chiang Dao In Chiang Mai you can ride elephants, see hill-tribe people, visit over 300 sparkling wats, shop at local markets, take cooking / massage / meditation courses or simply hang with us. It is all good and everyone is welcome.

Hope you all enjoy our website. Don't forget to sign our guestbook. We love hearing from family, friends and fellow travellers.

And this year... we have an amazing travel journey coming up... that could include you! Stay tuned for more info.

Cheers from TANTALIZING THAILAND, Dan and Shyla

Where are we?

Living on Main Street in Vacouver, WA (USA.) Here we are building our business as WILD SPIRIT TRAVEL.

Last updt: 26 Jan 2015

All stories by Shyla are copyrighted. All other images and documents and words are copyright by their author. Copyright 2005-2010.
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