Hello, you have reached the website of Dan and Shyla, collectively known as the EskoBares. We are regular people who quit our day jobs, sold our house, and became WORLD TRAVELERS EXTRAORDINAIRE.

We decided to take one year and to travel around-the world. We did travel to 23 countries in that year. But we found ways to travel without breaking the bank, and actually traveled for seven years around-the-world to 74 countries. We’ve crossed the Sahara desert by camel, slept in Gers in Mongolia, touched the Taj, ate more weird food than fits on this page, and are still in absolute awe of this incredible world we share.

What we do now is teach others how to travel the world, through a series of classes taught at local colleges and online. And we just released a new book available on Amazon. Checkout our business website at www.wildspirittravel.com for more information.

Happy Travels — Dan & Shyla